Pes Tuning Patch 2018 v1. DLC 2

New Features:
Data Pack:
* Includes lastest PES2018 Patch 1.03.00.
* Includes lastest PES2018 Data Pack 2.00.

– Necessary to have the PTP 2018 v1. installed in your PC – DOWNLOAD.
– Don`t re-upload in others links. Use the original ones, please respect our work.
– Don’t use any of our work without permission.
– If you find some error, please report .

PTP 2018 v1. – DLC 2

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  • Abdelkader Douib

    je n’arrive pas a telecharger


      Pourquoi? Expliquez mieux

  • manNeroharDy

    can u replace fake leuage with other leuage? liga japan or china ….


      Not now

      • mannerohardy

        ok tq ..i hope next version u will be replace fake PAS league into real leauge 😉
        im waiting 😉

  • Seval Sevalovic

    Please fix other leagues teams.There are fake teams :/.Tnx

  • Pieter Broere

    I followed everything to the letter ! installed v1. end after that -DLC 2.
    Unfortunately screen remains black after starting the game….too bad! Looked good!


      It’s ok now?

      • Pieter Broere

        i will check again tonight. When i clicked enabled chant, and the selector crashes, maybe a corrupted dpfilelist was written or something which causes the game not to start properly…

        • mannerohardy

          u need to wait for a few seconds to enabale chant …its work for me

          • HICHEM TIGS

            Yes you need to wait for a few seconds

  • Pieter Broere

    BTW Enable chant pack makes the selector hang here!

  • Mohamed Mokrane

    my new favorite patch, I’m happy and satisfied with itn next time try to not mess with the camera and the rendering settings and also the music sound, let it by default better, keep rocking guys.


      hhhhhhhhhh, you’re welcome

  • Hang Lai

    the torrent didnt have seed…stoped in 7%

  • Kareem Kandeel

    I took a quick look at your patch just after I installed it. Everything seems fine, but I’m Egyptian and I’ve noticed that you’ve made a mistake on the player picture in the lineup. Trezeguet has a different picture (Amr Gamal), please make a correction for it. Also the strip for the Nigerian team might not be correct.
    Also if possible, please add the Current correct squad for the Egypt national team.


      I cannot do all together, I’ll do it soon

  • am LEVINE

    thanks, i’m uninstall pte patch. install PTP patch, awesome man, more choice. btw keep update and add more scoreboard, pitch and if possible, add new gameplay.


      You’re welcome

  • spyros

    First of all congrats and many thanks for your work. I have a problem with downloading.It stuck at the final stage after the final captcha where the screen shows 5 seconds for all the links..Is there any solution?Thanks for all.


      Sorry but no any problem with download pages

  • Jerson Paulo Tavares Martins

    Good evening, thank you for your fantastic work, I wanted to know if it is possible to remove the paulinho player who is duplicated, in barcelona and guangzhou evergrande … and the national stadium of chile, the outside appears night when day game.


      * Stadiums: Fix Black Stadiums (Estadio Nacional de Chile and exterior and Emirate stadium day fine to day rainy).

      But for Paulinho I can’t now because the new release is ready to upload.

  • ابراهيم محمد ابراهيم

    السلام عليكم اريد معرفة ترتيب الباتش PES TUNING PATCH 2018 لتركيب الاضافات عن طريق برنامج DpFileList Generator 2018 v1.1 مثل هذة الصورة